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      The faculty of the laboratory is over 97. The faculty has strong scientific research ability and reasonable age structure, degree structure and the education related structure. Among them, there is a academician of the Academy of Engineering (double hire), 1 national-level distinguished teacher in national high level talents special support plan "teaching masters million plan", 2 national-level distinguished teachers, 1 the Ministry of education "program for New Century Excellent Talents", 3 Sichuan Province "Hundred Talents Program", 3 Sichuan province academic leaders, 26 doctoral tutors, 30 professors, 50 associate professors. The laboratory built 5 scientific research and innovation team based on several research directions including Key technology of development strategy and source allocation in comprehensive transportation system, Key technology of Intelligent Comprehensive Transportation Command, Key technology of area and city traffic intelligence, Key Technologies of Comprehensive Transportation Safety Monitor and Key technology of intelligent logistics system. In the recent three years, the laboratory educated more than 50 PhD students and more than 520 master students, and almost more than 600 undergraduates are allowed to participate in research activities in the laboratory. The students' ability of innovation and practice has been fully continued ascension. With the help of the laboratory, there are more than 100 students achieved excellent results in the competition of all kinds of innovation and activities every year. At the national transportation technology competition and the national logistics design competition, we won 7 first class prizes and 7 second class prizes. The capability of graduates is strong, quick and full of potential, so the employers like them very much. For many years, the students’ employment rate in more than 95%.