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National United Engineering Laboratory of Integrated and Intelligent Transportation is leaded by Southwest Jiaotong University, and cooperatively built by Chengdu Railway Bureau, Sichuan Expressway Construction & Development Corporation and Chengdu Bus Company. Southwest Jiaotong University has a history over 100 years and is famous for transportation. Southwest Jiaotong University has a series of high-level research and education platforms including Laboratory of Comprehensive Transportation, Laboratory of Digital Integrated Comprehensive  Urban Transportation, Laboratory of Transportation Safety Technology and Engineering, National R & D Training Center of Transit Diagram and Sichuan Railway Transportation Cargo Packaging and Testing Center. Transportation  Engineering, the top-level discipline that the laboratory depends on, maintains number one in the major evaluation of Ministry of Education for ten years. In 2007, the laboratory is founded as the first comprehensive transportation key laboratory of Sichuan Province under the approval of Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In 2010, the laboratory becomes comprehensive transportation engineering laboratory of Sichuan Province under the approval of Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. In 2012, the laboratory develops as the only national-level innovation platform in comprehensive transportation area under the approval of National Development and Reform Commission, as a part of the plan of national high-tech industry development.
       Our goal is to develop the laboratory as a national engineering laboratory who has good innovation ability and rich research production and can attract excellent talents and innovative groups in comprehensive transportation area. In addition to that, the laboratory is also the information hub, center of strategy decision support, technology development basis, transformation basis of scientific achievements and talents education basis.
        The laboratory now covers 4600 square meters and owns the research facility that is worth over 5.3 million. Relying on transportation feather subject and with the help of cloud computation, big data technology, digital simulation technology, modeling technology, the laboratory will be built as a big data information platform for Transportation and Logistics. It can provide intelligent solution for intelligent comprehensive transportation and logistics system establishment, such as information collection and transmission, storage and expression, fusion and share, data mining and “big data intelligence”, which make it become a big data center. By building an intelligent research and application platform for comprehensive transportation and modern logistics and providing systematic engineering application production, the laboratory can become the development strategy consulting center, intelligent technology application center and talents education basis of comprehensive transportation and modern logistics in China. The laboratory put forward the key technology innovation and application system and will be built as the competitive experiment basis of comprehensive transportation intelligence research and application, new transportation technology radiation for companies and training high level innovative talents. Actively carry out cooperation and exchanges, to improve the whole capability of independent innovation of national comprehensive transportation industry, promote the sustainable development of the transportation industry, promote the function of the comprehensive transportation in the development of the national economy, create significant economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits to the society.