Publish Time£º2016-10-24     Category£ºHome -> Report
Dynamical Models of Route Choice and Signal Control Vehicle
Reporter£ºRonghui Liu
Host£ºShen Lv'ou
Date and time£ºOct.28 10£º00,am
Address£ºJiuLi campus 4322
Dynamic transport models involving travellers¡¯ choices (including repeated route choices) and traffic signal controls have been developed to: (a) predict (for a given responsive control strategy) how traffic flows and controls are likely to evolve over time and so to help assess the performance of different given control strategies; and (b) design new control strategies for reducing congestion and traffic pollution (or other criteria) in cities, taking reasonable account of future evolution of traffic flows as these respond to the control strategies.
In this talk, we introduce a dynamical system involving interactions between a responsive traffic control system (where the system updates signal timings in the light of current average flows and delays) and drivers¡¯ route choice decisions (which are assumed to switch routes toward better routes, in light of current average delays). We consider the stability of the dynamical system theoretically and explore the system in a simulated real-life environment.
Dr. Liu, currently is the associate editor of IEEE ITS Transaction, has held posts with University College London and Transport Research Laboratory, London, U.K., and is currently an Associate Professor with the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K. Her main research lies in developing traffic micro-simulation models to analyze the dynamic and complex travel behavior and interactions in transport networks.