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Line of Road Dispatching in the United States

Date & Time: am 9:30; May.24,2016 

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Reporter Dr. Roger Baugher

TopicLine of Road Dispatching in the United States

Roger Baugher has nearly 40 years experiences in North American railroading. He received an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois with a specialization in railroading and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in finance and transportation. Roger was an early adopter of computer technology, and led some of the first projects to simulate railroad operations. Working at four railroads, a consulting firm and running his own company exposed Roger to a broad variety of projects, including several international assignments. Since retiring in 2012, Roger has created TrAnalytics, LLC, a firm dedicated to analysis of transportation issues, using computer-based simulation and analytic tools. Roger contributed four chapters to a standard railroad training text “The Railroad—What It Is and What It Does”, and two chapters to the recently published “Handbook of Operations Research Applications at Railroads.” He is also a frequent speaker at railroad conferences.


U.S. railroads have adopted a variety of systems and practices for dispatching passenger, commuter and freight trains. There have been numerous efforts to incorporate computer-based movement planners to improve dispatching efficiency and performance, and key developments will be presented and discussed.