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Notice on application "Sino-US personnel training program," about Chinese universities professional teachers orientation training project
Our Faculty:
"Sino-US personnel training program" Chinese universities professional teacher orientation training project is one subproject of ¡°1 + 2 + 1 Sino talent training plan¡±. According to the relevant rules from International Educational Exchange Center, 2015 ¡°Sino-US personnel training program¡± selected work has already started. We presently face all the faculty public selection. The selection related item is as follows:
1. Learning period:
2015 fall semester started, the period is a semester, and the specific period for the US school education shall prevail.
2. Select number: five teachers;
3. Application requirements
i.              Love the motherland. Willing initiatively promote Sino-US cultural exchange. Have much idea about his specialty international development.
ii.              Voluntary comply with the provisions of the project management.
4. Learning professional:
Please accord to 27 specialties opened by the US universities and 255 professional direction to selection, with the detailed list Annex IV.
5. All the expenses
i.              US colleges will base on the actual training plan Charge a management fee for Registration. The fee is undertaken by the selected teachers themselves.
ii.              Selected teachers round-trip international fee: After complete learning tasks and return to school, he can go to Personnel to apply for reimbursement disposable international air tickets.
iii.              Selected teachers in the United States will be funded by the school according to the Government-funded student scholarship criteria.
iv.              Insurance is included which is compliance with US state government regulations J-1 during the learning period. (Including in financing fees).
v.              Teach international as the project organizer will charge a certain project management fees and other related fees for the project protection of the normal and orderly sustainable development. The fee is undertaken by the selected teachers themselves.
6. US college application materials
Paper materials
Please submit the following materials to International office (library Room 605, XiPu campus) before Jan. 10, 2015:
i.              Regulations (Annex I);
ii.              Chinese Application Form (Annex II);
iii.              Passports and identity cards;
iv.              Bank certificates of deposit: Not less than 60,000 yuan Renminbi;
Electronic Materials
Please send the following materials to (not more than 10M), before Jan. 10, 2015.
i.              Chinese Application Form (Annex II);
ii.          English Application Form (Annex III);
iii.              Personal resume (Chinese and English version);
iv.              United States training program;
v.              Recommendation letter;
vi.              Passports and identity cards;
vii.          Degree certificate;
viii.          Working proof of income;
ix.              Bank certificates of deposit: Not less than 60,000 yuan Renminbi;
7. School application materials
Please submit the following materials to Personnel Teachers Management Office (library Room A656, XiPu campus) before Jan. 10, 2015:
i.     Please fill the form (Annex V), before application;
ii.     Signed the " Southwest Jiaotong University teacher learing abroad Agreement"(Annex VI);
8. Project Consulting
Contact the school ( International Office ) Tel:66366347 Teacher Song and Teacher Wang;
¡°1 + 2 + 1 Sino talent training plan¡± project office Tel:010-58752521/58782831/58782864£»
Fax: 010-58698695£»
Contacts: Zhang Qi, Wu Qin, Wang Yin;
                    International Office and Personnel

Dec.15, 2014