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Our college teachers were invited to visit University of Yamanashi and gained 2014 Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture Publications Special Award.
        Our college teacher Yan Haifeng, Yang kun, Lili were invited by the minister of Faculty of Engineering National Yamanashi University professor Zhang Jun Sugiyama and the minister of Faculty of Life and the Environment professor Masayuki Hayakawa to academic exchange and visit. Associate Professor Yan Haifeng has made a theme report entitled ¡°Development of High-Speed Railway in China¡±. He introduced the new development and planning of Chinese HRS, EMU, Dispatching system and other key technologies and innovations. They have made extensive exchanges about HSR transfer and noise pollution. All the students and teachers in Yamanashi University have paid particular attention to this forum. In the meeting all seats are occupied, actively, academic exchange activities have complete success. Between these days, Associate professor Yan Haifeng line have investigated Japan Central Maglev Experimental line in Yamanashi and Commuter Transportation System in Tokyo circle.

       Three teachers participated in the 2014 academic papers published conference. This conference is one of the three institutes in the field of Japanese civil engineering. During the meeting, hundreds of articles selected papers were preached by their college research institution and r&d institutes. Lecturer Lili and associate professor Yang Kun have passed the preliminary review and preached their research. After experts strict examine, they gained the Publications Special Award. This is the first time for Institute of Landscape Architecture to award the prize to researchers coming overseas academic institutions.

       Faculty of Engineering of Yamanashi University is our Friendship School. In the recent 10 years, this communication is another great achievement.