The Party committee of the school works around the central task tightly, pays attention to organization construction, innovates  on work ideas, gives full play to the  role of the  political core and organization protection, and promotes the operations of school smoothly. It came out top in the assessment of Party construction in the school calendar year and was named advanced Party committee of school. Basis Party branches were awarded “University Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Sichuan Province”, which played a good role model for the whole university.

Student work always adheres to the idea of "people-oriented, students first", follows the overall demand of “Moral as first, Promoting ability as fundament, Culture as essence, Stabilization as basis”, takes the student party construction as the leader, use ideological and political education as the main line, takes cultivating talents as the center, continue to strengthen the wareness of educating people and service concepts. They maintain facing to students, working for students, do a solid job in every respect, and have made gratifying achievements and good social impact on students Part construction, rural ideology and politics education, League works, class style and studying  style construction, undergraduates science  and technology innovation, social practice and volunteer service, which makes us be ranked the first in the competition of student affairs for 6 years. The students affair team was titled “Advanced team  on ideology and politics education of undergraduates of Sichuan” in 2011 and was titled “National Jinguobiaobing position of May 1st”  in  2013.  Student  work ranked first in the comprehensive assessment  of  school  student work for four consecutive years, which  was  named  "the advanced  group  of  university ideological  and  political education in Sichuan Province”. In  recent  years, students achieved  many  awards  in National  University  Logistics Design Contest and  National University  Transportation Technology  Competition.  The professional  skill,  innovation capability  and  innovation consciousness of students were appraised by many experts. The employment rate  of graduates keeps  ahead  in  the  whole school.  The graduates  always work hard. They are pragmatic and devoting to work, and have received  much  favorable comment from the employers.



  National May Heroine Example Hillock

Party Branch Activities

Art Evening Party

Ceremony of Bachelors Degree Granting

Students Attended Material Collection and Distribution in Yaan Earthquake

First Prize in 14th National University Logistics Design Competition

First Prize in Eighth National University Transportation Science and Technology Competition