Great successes have been achieved in scientific research in recent years.  More than 200 scientific projects have been undertaken, including national 863 projects, national key scientific and technological projects, natural science funds of China (NSFC), social science funds. In  addition, more than  30 national and provincial level  scientific achievement awards have been obtained, and more than 1800 high-level scientific papers, including  800 papers indexed  by SCI, EI and ISTP,  and more than  30 monographs have been published. Five scientific innovation teams which include key technologies of planning and  organization  in  comprehensive  transportation  system,  the  key technologies  of intelligent transportation systems, logistics engineering and management, key technologies in train operation diagram compilation systems, comprehensive transportation safety and environment, have been established. The school has Nation-Local Association Laboratory of  Comprehensive  Transportation  Intelligentization,  Sichuan  Key  Laboratory  of Comprehensive Transportation  and Laboratory of Digitalized Comprehensive Urban Transportation. We have been reaching to the top  level  in China in the areas of the development  strategies  and  macroeconomic  policy-making  in  comprehensive transportation,  the organization and dispatch of high speed railway,  the train  diagram compilation, the  urban rail  transit  planning and management, the  development and application of intelligent integrated traffic, the regional and urban traffic planning,  the safety of traffic technology & engineering, logistics system planning, logistics information optimization and information system, supply chain management, emergency logistics and reverse logistics.