The school has five undergraduate  programs: Transportation, Traffic Engineering, Safety  Engineering, Logistics  Engineering, and  Logistics Management. Among them, Transportation is the national key major and national  characteristic  major,  Traffic  Engineering  is  the  national characteristic  major,  Logistics  Engineering  is  the  Sichuan  province characteristic major, and Safety Engineering is school characteristic major. The enrollment of undergraduates in the school is about 450 every year. At present,  there are more  than  1800 undergraduate  students.  The school attaches great  importance to  the cultivation of undergraduate,  promotes education reform and construction of talents education quality, and has achieved fruitful results. It has 1 national experimental teaching exemplary center of transportation, 3 national-level quality courses, 3 national quality resource-sharing courses, 1 national video open course,  and 7 provincial quality courses. In  addition,  9 national-level planning textbooks and 50 characteristic textbooks of railway and logistics have been published. The school has received 2 national teaching awards (the second class), 3 Sichuan Province Teaching Achievement  Award  (the first  class).  The majors  of Transportation, Traffic Engineering, Logistics Engineering and Logistics Management rank on the top within Chinese universities.Relying on the projects of national education system reform pilot, key textbook reform project of Sichuan Province and construction of national key major of transportation,  the school proposed and performed a new, diverse and flexible  education model  of “Integration of points,  lines and plates”,  and  emphasizes  students'  engineering  practice  experience  and innovation ability cultivation. Meanwhile, the school constructs  a “One emphasized,  two reinforced and four integrated” education system and a domestic  leading talents education highland of transportation and modern Logistics  by integrating national key disciplines  including national key major,  national  engineering  laboratory,  national  characteristic  major, national-level distinguished teacher, national-level teaching team, national quality course, national planning textbook, national experimental teaching exemplary center and national engineering practice education center.


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