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Senior Year! The 2015 graduate student forum and student¡¯s dormitory visit
      Jun.24, pm 2:30, the 2015 graduate student forum was held in classroom X2104. School Party Committee Secretary Hao Jianping, Party Committee Deputy Secretary Li Guofang, Student Work-group: Yan Pengfei, Wang Yanbing, Wen Xuqian, and Zhang Yongxiang attended the forum. Mr. Yan Pengfei hosted the meeting.

      In the forum, the Secretary Hao Jianping expressed that every student had different university life and feeling during the four years. They were all learned to be an excellent person by their striving and school training. Then, these graduates talked freely with our school leaders and they discussed warmly.

     After that, school leaders visited the senior student¡¯s dormitory and made condolences upon their recent situation. The 2015 graduate student forum come to a happy ending.