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The YunYi art troupe retained the champion in the 18th ¡°Dance freedom for me¡± the international style of ballroom dance contest
        Jun.6, pm 7:00, the 18th ¡°Dance freedom for me¡± the international style of ballroom dancing contest was held in gymnasium. This contest was benefit for enriching our university culture life, structuring harmony culture campus and promoting students¡¯ artistic culture. It was sponsored by the school physical education and the school league committee and organized by physical dance association.

        Physical education teachers: Liu Jiang, Liu Aili, Chen Ya and Chen Lizhu were presented and took up the post of referees. This contest has invited other universities excellent students to participate, such as Si Chuan University, Southwest Finance and Economics University and so on. It has attracted a plenty of physical dance fans to watch. After professor Liu Jiang made an opening speech, the athlete representatives and referee representatives made a pledge respectively. The contest official started.
        In the whole contest, gentle came with enthusiasm, classic came with modern. Applause resounded through the gymnasium. Our school dance fans have gained the best mellifluous fruits.
        Our college team Yun Yi art troupe was opening with the shock melody ¡°dangerous¡±. Then it converted to the soulful ¡°Hua Xin¡±, appropriately. In the last, this team has won the first in Latin dance group. In addition to this, the school of mathematics has gained the champing in international style of ballroom dance group.  The school of mechanical engineering, the school of material and engineering and school of economics and management have won the best popularity, best innovation and best smile award, respectively.